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ben_writingBenjamin Hiller is a German-American freelance journalist as well as an IT specialist (system integration) based in Berlin, Germany. In 2008 he started his freelance career, focusing on the conflict zones in countries like Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria. His writings have been published in important European news outlets like Le Monde Diplomatique (France), Weekendavisen (Denmark) or Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland). He brings into each job his experience of conflict zones, his technical expertise as well as his university studies of ethnology, enabling him to create in-depth, close up and critical reportages.

As a second focus Benjamin Hiller has choosen Cyber Security. He started out in his teens as a script kiddy with some dabbling into grey hat hacking. Nowadays he is improving his skills (including programming, cyber security, networking etc.) for two years in Berlin/Germany to merge the areas of conflict journalism, investigative journalism and cyber security. His aim is to help news outlets and freelance journalists secure their digital footprint against hostile (state-) actors as well as to use his knowledge for his own in-depth reporting.

Additionally Benjamin Hiller is a founding member and the curator of the War Zone Freelance Project.

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While working as a journalist I covered a wide range of topics relating to conflict, technology, European politics and extremist movements. This is just a small selection of online publications as most of my work was published for print.

Deutsche Bahn: Free WLAN = Free Data

Self-published article on the security risk of using the Deutsche Bahn WLAN: Link

How Germany`s refugee dream soured:

Germany’s 2015 generosity in opening its borders was unparalleled. But less than three years later, many have been left struggling.” NewStatesman (Article by Kenneth R. Rosen, additional reporting by myself)

Abschiebung nach Afghanistan: Ich sterbe nur einmal.

“Zwei Afghanen mit Ausbildungsplätzen werden nach Kabul abgeschoben. Sie wollen sich nun wieder auf den Weg in ihre Heimat machen. Die heißt für sie nämlich jetzt Deutschland.”  ZENITH Magazin

Christen in Syrien: Zwischen den Fronten.

“Die syrischen Christen gehören zu den ältesten christlichen Gemeinden der Welt. Als Minderheit werden sie verdächtigt, zu den Schützlingen des Asad-Regimes zu gehören; die zunehmend radikalislamistische Prägung des Widerstands stellt eine weitere massive Gefährdung dar. Vom Westen fühlen sie sich verraten.”  Neue Zürcher Zeitung

What’s Life like for a Syrian Refugee in Germany?

“Tens of thousands are pouring into Europe from war-torn areas in the Middle East and North Africa. For Syrian refugees, Germany is a favored destination. But as IBT learned, they are not being welcomed with open arms.” International Business Times

Fear in Ankawa

“A mainly Christian district in the Iraqi city of Erbil — Ankawa — was bombed on April 17. Two civilians were killed, the coffee bar Nelly’s destroyed, and the whole area affected.(…)” Le Monde Diplomatique Blog

Unser Tag wird kommen: Zwischen Glauben und Resignation

“Zwischen Glauben und Resignation- der Kampf der assyrischen Christen im Irak gegen die IS-Dschihadisten.” Wiener Zeitung

Krise in der Ukraine: Klassenkampf auf der Krim

“Prorussische „Volksmilizen“ übernehmen die Kontrolle im ukrainischen Simferopol. Die Krimtataren fürchten um ihre Existenz.” taz.die tageszeitung

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